Bobby on a Bike – Day 3


As the sun came up on day 3 the tents were packed away once again and everyone set off with positive thoughts about reaching the finishing line which is getting ever closer.  The route card for the day was  given out along with a weather forecast – hot!

The talk in the camp was of the hills to come and also the heat of the day ahead.




Day 2 evening camp

Day 2 evening camp


One of the BOAB supporters in Wales sent a note to say that the weather had started to change,  temperatures were dropping a little to make the riding conditions easier for everyone.  With isolated heavy rain showers forecast everyone hoped that it would stay dry, but just a little cooler.

A note was posted overnight to say that Neil, Rob and Jeff over took the main pack as planned at Stratford-upon-Avon just after midnight and were well on their way to reaching their goal.

Bobby on a Bike

Stratford Upon Avon to Three Cocks, Wales – 89 miles

We can only imagine how the riders bodies must have been aching from the gruelling ride.  In the first few miles of the morning James had burnt 1000 calories by mid morning and we wondered how many more calories would be consumed before the end of the day.

Sadly  news came in to say that there had been problems for a number of riders due to dehydration from the extreme heat, and some had withdrawn during the course of the day.  This may be difficult for moral within the group, but would make some individuals even more determined to reach the finishing line.

Day 3 stunning climb worth the view

One of the long uphill climbs, but worth the view once at the top, stunning!

As we continued to track the riders on the system ( after looking at the satellite images of earth and the contours of the maps) we wondered how their legs kept turning the peddles!.  With huge support for each other and new friendships forged along the way we are sure they help each other get through the day.

Tonight’s accommodation and the thought of a proper bed at the hostel was keeping everyone going.  Home comforts are definitely  being missed!

Day 3 a bed for the night no tent

Home sweet home for night 3.  No tents tonight just sheep and the hills for company. Very big day today, hills immense

Total exhaustion and huge achievements had been reached during the day with everyone very glad to reach their stop for the night. It had been a long and difficult ride covering some 89 miles over 9 hours.

Get a good nights sleep –  you will need all your strength for tomorrow!.



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