Bobby on a Bike – by David Horne – Support Crew

By on 3rd May in Our Company News

The blog team at Anglian wanted to ask some of the Bobby on a Bike team what were their thoughts for the impending ride were and below we hear from Dave Horne

How did you get involved with Bobby on a Bike?

I was asked to assist with supporting the ride by Neil Smith in 2010 and the rest is history.

Have you ridden with Bobby on a Bike before or is this your first time?

I have never ridden but this will be my third year of supporting.

Bobby on a Bike tops 2012

New outfits for this years Bobby on a Bike 2012


Why have you decided to take part?

Neil has worked so hard over the ten years and it is always for a very good cause.

How have you prepared for the event?

As I am only supporting then there is limited preparation involved. I suppose I could practice making sandwiches and making cups of tea or coffee!!!!!

Have you suffered with any injuries during your training?


Do you have any tactics or plans for getting through the ride each day?

Keep breathing!!!!

What lasting memory/experience do you think you will take away from this?

The feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day that all riders have completed the days ride and then the final feeling of satisfaction to see all 55 riders finish!!!

Are there any highs and lows that you expect on route?

Lots of highs and hopefully very few lows or at least if there are some lows I shall do my best to change these into highs!!!!

Is there a part of the country you are looking forward to riding through?

Wales is particularly pretty but I shall be able to enjoy the views from the driving seat of my van and not from the uncomfortable seat of a bike!!!!

Do you have any other thoughts leading up to the event?

Clearly being lead support I am not able to give you the answers that you are probably looking for as I am not going through the same experiences as the riders but all the same, it will be another great experience and gives me the sense of satisfaction at the end when so many riders succeed in finishing with mine and the other support crews help!!!







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