Back to the Future: Getting Real with Effective Home Improvements at ‘Anglian Square’

At this years Ideal Home Show we have created an ‘Anglian Square’:- it’s our own version of Albert Square! This section of the Show looks at real peoples real homes, and inspires home-owners into making achievable improvements to their home.

The Ideal Home Show is recognised for its forward thinking and innovative showcasing, but this year we have purposefully moved away from the futuristic into the factual!

‘Anglian Square’ has eight different house frontages representing period and contemporary styles found across the UK. Homeowners select the appropriate frontage which best resembles their house and discover various options available to them in terms of realistic home improvements.

These improvements would include replacing your old windows with some Anglian energy efficient double glazing:

Double glazing windows - more efficient

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Anglian Home Improvements said, “The Village combined with ‘Anglian Square’ gives homeowners the full inside – out treatment for their homes and demonstrates the impact installing energy efficient products can make.”

To see Anglian Home Improvements 3D make-over, and to discover more about how simple home improvements can make a difference to the energy efficiency of the home at ‘Anglian Square’, visit the Ideal Home Show Village at this year’s Ideal Home Show at Earls Court from 20th March –  5th April 2010.

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