Anglian Trade-In Offer

With Anglian now offering EcoGain windows to help you save money on your energy bills, you can now save money by using the old windows too! Confused?

Well, Anglian Home Improvements will take out your old windows and replace them with some lovely new Anglian ones, offering you up to £2,000 for your previous windows.

How does it work?

The replacement window sector is predicted to produce 250,000 tonnes of landfill waste during 2011, which is a massive amount of waste, but as the largest company in the sector we’ve implemented a recycling policy to help reduce our contribution to this. We are a certified ”Recovinyl’ recycler, meaning we get paid to recycle uPVC rather than incurring the cost of sending it to a landfill.

Thus, the savings we make can be passed onto you through Trade-In, giving you discount on your new windows and doors.

We also extrude our own uPVC, which means we can better control the cost and cut down our waste. By being in charge of all of this means we are able to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and be more environmentally friendly not only by recycling your old windows and giving you energy efficient ones for your home, but leading the way with our eco-friendly business plans.

By offering Trade-In we are encouraging our customers to recycle, which makes great sense to us, as we all benefit in the long run. Firstly, you benefit from getting money back for your old windows and getting an upgrade to highly efficient new windows. Secondly, we benefit through the salvaging, reclaiming and recycling of the old product. Finally, planet earth will benefit as we reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the use of damaging landfills.

This offer is one that shouldn’t be missed, you save, we save, the earth is being saved!

Anglian Home Improvements helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Visit the Anglian website for more information on our double glazed windows.


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