#AnglianAnswers: Do I need planning permission to build a conservatory?


It’s common among homeowners looking to add a conservatory to their home to consider planning permission one of the biggest stressors. But perhaps what isn’t so common is the notion that securing planning permission can actually be pretty simple, especially when you trust someone like Anglian to build your conservatory, as we can do the planning permission for you.

So you’ve got the design down, along with your living space’s function, but now it’s time to ask yourself our #AnglianAnswers question of the week: Do I need planning permission to build a conservatory? In most cases, you won’t, but there are a few situations in which you might. Keep reading for more details.

When you don’t need planning permission

Though every individual home is unique, these are some of the general rules of thumb for those who won’t need planning permission:

  • Your conservatory’s construction isn’t more than 50% of your existing home’s size.
  • Your conservatory doesn’t include any raised platforms, balconies or verandas.
  • Your conservatory won’t be higher than the highest portion of your home’s existing roof.
  • Your conservatory won’t be taller than four metres.
  • Your conservatory won’t be an obstruction to a public road.
  • No more than half the area of land around your original house will be covered by add-ons or any other buildings.
  • Single-storey rear extensions don’t extend beyond the back wall of your home by more than three metres if yours is an attached home, or by four metres if yours is a detached home.

Edwardian conservatory

When you do need planning permission

Obviously you’ll require planning permission if your conservatory doesn’t meet the requirements mentioned above, but otherwise there are different rules entirely for flats, maisonettes and homes in conservation areas. You’ll want to look these up ahead of time if your home falls into any of these categories.

Another thing to consider is your neighbours’ home, and whether or not they’ve had any recent work done, as this too can affect whether or not you might need to consider planning permission.

The good news is, experts like Anglian’s designers are able to help if you’re not sure whether or not your dream conservatory needs planning permission. They’ll have a look at your home, chat you through your ideas, and can advise you about how to proceed. And the even better news? If you do need planning permission, Anglian will file the paperwork for you.

Ready to start planning your conservatory? If you still want more information on whether or not you might need planning permission, check out our Conservatory Buyers Guide.

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