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Etched Glass

Our etched glass offers beautiful designs and a touch of individuality to your front door or windows. Choose your ideal etched glass from a range of patterns and obscurity levels to find the perfect finishing touch for your home.

Mix and match your windows from our other decorative glass options to create windows and glazed doors unique to you. Combine etched glass with our silver mist obscure glass for maximum privacy with decorative design.

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  • Dark woodgrain elite composite door with Negative etched glass number
    Dark woodgrain elite composite door with negative etched glass number
  • Dark woodgrain composite door with etched glass panels
    Dark woodgrain composite door with etched glass panels
  • Buttercup wooden front door with dark woodgrain windows
    Buttercup yellow and golden oak door with etched glass panel
  • Dark woodgrain uPVC back door with etched glass
    Dark woodgrain uPVC back door with etched glass
  • Dark woodgrain composite door with etched glass panels interior
    Dark woodgrain composite door with etched glass panels interior

Etched glass is plain glass that has had designs and patterns sandblasted onto it. Designs can either be 'positive' or 'negative', with negative having a higher obscurity level. You can choose glass patterns, numbers, ornate borders and more to add a stylish touch to your front door or windows.

Where Can Etched Glass be Used?

White sash bathroom window with patterened etched glass

Etched Glass Windows

Etched glass brings a distinct and decorative element to the exterior of your home. This is why many people choose etched glass patterns for the windows at the front of their homes where people can see and admire them. They are equally useful on windows that don’t get much sun or don’t have a view.

Barcalona contemporary front door with etched glass side panel

Etched Glass Doors

Etched glass on your glazed door is a stylish way to add your house number, name and decoration. Negative etched glass door patterns also create privacy when you need it, or full privacy when combined with silver mist glass. Add etched glass panels to your porch windows to create an even more impressive entranceway.

Etched Glass Options

  • Poistive etched glass example

    Positive Etched Glass

    Positive etched glass has the pattern sandblasted on clear glass, with the window mainly transparent. It's the ideal option for windows, porch doors and conservatory windows. This is our least obscure option, with an obscurity level of 1-2.

  • negative etched glass example on door glass panel

    Negative Etched Glass

    Negative etched glass is clear glass that is sandblasted to leave only the design patterns clear, has an obscurity level of 2-3. It is a good choice for windows that need more privacy or those without a view. It is also a good choice for porch doors and conservatory windows.

  • Back door with etched silver mist glass

    Silver Mist Etched Glass

    Silver Mist is our most obscure glass and is classed as frosted glass. The pattern is sandblasted on Silver Mist frosted glass and gives you full privacy. Consider Silver Mist for your front door or bathroom window to enhance privacy whilst still allowing natural light to come in.

Etched Glass Maintenance

Dark woodgrain composite door with etched glass panels banner
How do you Clean Etched Glass?

Etched glass is as easy to maintain as clear glass. To clean etched glass, simply use clean water and a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. You can add a couple of drops of washing liquid to clean more stubborn stains, just be sure to use plenty of water to avoid scratching the glass.

Once cleaned, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive materials like steel wool or glass cleaner with harsh chemicals as this can scratch or damage glass.

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Common Questions About Etched Glass

Is etched glass permanent?

Yes, etched glass is permanent. It’s made by sandblasting the design onto the glass, meaning it can’t be removed. Make sure you’re 100% happy with the design you choose before you go ahead.

Is etched glass strong?

Etched glass is really as strong as the glass that is used to make the glazed unit to begin with. Laminated glass is often the strongest glass, resistant to shattering from the outside. This glass tends to be used on windows at street level or those most susceptible to forced entry.

Does etched glass scratch easily?

Etched glass can scratch if you don’t treat it properly. When cleaning etched glass always use plenty of water and a gentle microfibre cloth to avoid scratching it. Dry or clean cloths can scratch etched glass, as can cleaning products containing harsh chemicals.

Is glass etching expensive?

Etched glass can be expensive with more elaborate or larger patterns, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only is Anglian etched glass great to look at, but it’s competitively priced too. Simply get in touch with us for a free quote for your home.

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