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How to dress a bathroom windowsill

When you are redecorating your bathroom don't forget the windowsill! 

Windowsills are a great space with a natural light source and can add a beautiful display feature to your bathroom. 

If you are unsure about where to start and need some decorative ideas, this guide is here to help.


Use colours wisely

Windowsills come in a number of sizes, here's how to use the space however big or small! If your windowsill is smaller in size, use white, pale colours to maximise space and light and keep the look clean and fresh. If your windowsill is a little bigger, dare to add a pop of colour to make your windowsill zing with life. Colourful glass bottles or accent pieces like a vase with flowers on the windowsill add that modern touch. Use your creativity to contrast colours and enjoy watching natural light filtering through your window illuminating your display.

Create a plant haven

Plants look wonderful in any space in the home, but especially the bathroom. Plants like philodendron, bamboo, aloe vera and ferns thrive in bathroom environments and create a serene, calming space where you will be able to relax and enjoy. You could also introduce smaller plants, such as cacti, in a variety of fun canisters like mason jars and tins for a touch of whimsy. Fresh flowers will also look beautiful on a bathroom windowsill and bring a romantic, timeless look and feel. Choose your flowers carefully, orchids, peace lilies and gardenias will thrive if well cared for. If you're worried, artificial plants can also look great.

Create a storage point

The windowsill can become a great storage space if used well. If you have plenty of room on your windowsill, use wicker boxes to store your cosmetics, linens and household items. If you wanted to add some colour to the space, use neatly folded brightly coloured towels. And if you don't have the luxury of space, place an open storage container underneath the window sill, or a table with baskets underneath. These provide a neat storage space that doesn't take any space away from the windowsill, but still draws attention to it.

Create a calming atmosphere

The bathroom is a haven for many of us and a place to relax and de-stress after a long and busy day. Let your windowsill help create a calming ambience. A collection of lit scented candles on your windowsill will look super cosy and help relax you, especially if you're enjoying a hot bath. Most scented candles come in pretty jars too, so group them together for a stylish touch to your bathroom windowsill. Alternatively, if you have the luxury of a large window ledge, then a dimly-lit light will make your bathroom feel ultra-cosy and homely.

Showcase your belongings

The windowsill is a great place to create a display with your toiletries, perfumes and beauty products. If you have a few items you don't want to use because they look too nice, the windowsill is the perfect place to display them! You could even use trays for all your bathroom accessories, which displays them in a neat and tidy way, without taking up the entire windowsill.

Now you know how to dress a bathroom windowsill, it's time to think about the big question. Blinds or curtains for your bathroom windows?