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Bathroom Window: DIY Styles

Whether you're on a budget or just prefer to make things yourself, there are plenty of DIY options for your bathroom windows. From making your own curtains and blinds to your own home accessories, this guide will help you dress your bathroom window yourself.

Make your own curtains


It is relatively easy to make your own curtains, and it's a great way of saving yourself a considerable amount of money. Making your own curtains takes a bit of time but all you'll need is fabric, pins, thread, an iron and a measuring tape. Plus, if you've been struggling to find the perfect curtains for your bathroom, making them yourself means you pick the fabric, length and style so they're guaranteed to suit your exact preferences and taste. Alternatively, if you like the style of your current curtains but think they need a little updating, there are many things you can do to customise and inject a new lease of life into them. Stick or sew pom poms or diamantes onto the trim of the curtains to update them and make a fun statement, use stencils and fabric paint to instantly add a new pattern onto plain curtains, or even re-dye them yourself to freshen them up. There are many things you can do with your existing curtains to make them look brand new. To find out how to make your own curtains, read this helpful step-by-step guide.

Make your own blind


Just like curtains, you can also make your own bathroom blinds too. Due to their operation, blinds are a little trickier to make than curtains, but roman blinds are the easiest to create yourself. You'll need fabric of your choice, Velcro tape, dowels, battens, cord and eye hooks to make a roman blind at home, and you can read a full guide on how to make them here. Alternatively, if you have a small bathroom window, there is an even easier way to make your own blind. Simply hang up a piece of fabric, or even a tea towel, by two magnets to create a true focal point on a budget. Read the full how to here.

Dress your windows on a budget


It's not just curtains or blinds you can make yourself to transform your bathroom window — there are a number of ways you can dress your windowsill cheaply and effectively. Artificial flowers will add a sense of elegance and homeliness to your bathroom. Plus, they're inexpensive to buy and will last forever! Instead of using a standard vase, place the flowers in glass bottles, mason jars or tins — they're cheap to buy and will add an element of whimsy and fun. Glass jars filled with beauty accessories such as cotton wool, pads and ear buds is a cheap and practical way to dress your bathroom windowsill, or why not display your favourite toiletries and perfumes there instead? This will look great use things you already own — so you don't need to buy anything extra! You can even stick old pieces of lace to your windows. This acts like a net curtain to block out privacy and allow light into the room but is a fraction of the price. Find out how here.

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