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Very helpful


After the paperwork was done (all very efficient and clear) the representative expressed concern over the security of the old door and returned to make it safe until replaced - very helpful for a widow living alone. This was clearly a kindness not a sales ploy! 
Honesty together with quality product


Pam was excellent - polite, objective, very professional. We had said we wanted triple glazing, but she enquired the location of the windows and suggested to us that double glazing might be sufficient. What particularly impressed is that she could have gone with us and let us order triple glazing, but her chief concern, was the need of her prospective customer. She was not simply out to make as expensive a sale as she could. It was this honesty, together with the quality of the product and price, that convinced us to order there and then. 

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Being the market leader we are experts in innovation, always developing our product range to suit you and your needs. Our A+ and A++ rated double and triple glazed window products can help you retain heat in your home and harvest the sun’s free energy, saving you money every year on your heating bills. Not only that, but we've recently added the Yale 3 Star Cylinder lock to all of the doors in our range which makes them the most secure they have ever been.

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