Will your home survive the winter?

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As we are now in the early stages of winter, it is only going to get colder, so people are being warned to make sure their homes are winter proof.

British Gas has warned that 24 of people have suffered a boiler breakdown before, but still don’t take any boiler breakdown cover to help battle the issue.

68 of us will not prepare our homes for winter, by installing double glazed windows or doors, or checking we have sufficient insulation, all of which will make your house colder. The last thing you want when its 0°C outside.

Chris Jansen, managing director of British Gas, has warned people that they should check our boilers now, to make sure they are in full working order and won’t break down when the big freeze sets in.

Age UK discovered that over 60’s will be the hardest hit by energy bills during the winter, with some of them only living in one room throughout these cold months to keep costs to a minimum.

Dark snowy winter ahead?

The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers has supported British Gas’ comments, as it agrees that many people were caught out by their heating systems failing to deal with the low temperatures.

They too are urging people to prepare, get the home improvements needed in their homes before we are snowed under, and work cannot be done.

uSwitch.com discovered that 3.1million customers of Scottish and Southern energy would be hit hard by its 9.6 price increase, pushing our bills up from £1,159 to £1,226 a year! It may only be £67, but it does make a difference to how we live.

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