Why isn’t the Government helping people invest in green technology??

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We have all seen the headlines telling everyone that they need to be greener and protect the environment. The Government has backed various initiatives to try and get people to purchase more environmentally friendly products as part of their ‘Greener Britain’ campaign over the last few years.


Technology advancement in cars has seen additional government funding to car groups for producing fleets of electrical vehicles in the future. You can see an example in The Northern Echo recently. The ‘Car Scrappage Scheme’ which has recently been a huge success was backed by Governments as a Green initiative as well.

You can also receive additional grants from the Governement for energy saving improvements such as cavity wall installation, loft installation, light bulbs, heating and renewables for the home. The good news is that you also pay a reduced rate of VAT (5) on the “Installation of energy saving materials” according to the DirectGov website:

Meaning of “energy-saving materials”

1 For the purposes of this Group “energy-saving materials” means any of the following –

(a) insulation for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs or lofts or for water tanks, pipes or other plumbing fittings;

(b) draught stripping for windows and doors;

(c) central heating system controls (including thermostatic radiator valves);

(d) hot water system controls;

(e) solar panels;

(f) wind turbines;

(g) water turbines.

[Source: HM Revenue & Customs http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk]

Why then, if all of these are classed as ‘energy saving’, is double glazing not on the list?!

Double glazed windows have constantly been making significant strides in technological advancements and are proven to retain heat within the house, increasing energy efficiency and reducing fuel usage. Windows and double glazed units are the main parts of a house where large amounts of heat can be lost. If the Government wants to help people become green, and make it easier for them to be energy efficient, surely this reduction in VAT has to become the next Government backed initiative?

If they are truly committed to a greener future and raising the standard of homes in Britain in an environmental way, something should be done. Recent publications from market leaders agree that double glazing should be backed financially and gain the same support as the Car Scrappage Scheme.

So maybe the Government should back a National Window Scrappage Scheme?

Now that’s an idea.

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