Going back in time with Anglian Windows merchandise


The Internet is basically one gigantic library of information from the past to present day and with a little creativity you can find anything out.

Yesterday I stumbled across a true British model icon, the company Hornby and its vast catalogue of train model legacy. The surprising thing was that Anglian Windows came up in relation with Hornby. To my astonishment Anglian Windows in 1986 – 87 launched their very own iconic Freight, an LWB Van;

Anglian Windows Hornby Railway Carriage

Anglian Windows Hornby Railway Carriage

Hornby rank their historic train models and currently the R217 ANGLIAN WINDOWS carriage is a very respectable 988 out of 1592 models.

I for one might consider a cheeky bid on this item from EBay, its not that often you get a chance to get your hands on some Anglian history.

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