Why you shouldn’t be doing these activities in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place to sleep. It’s also a place to wake up, crack open your bedroom windows and get ready for the day. There’s little else a bedroom is for while we’re staying safe for work, but you still break all the unwritten rules of the bedroom and conduct your daily duties in there. It’s twisting your melon, man. Here’s what and why.

The 5 Worst things People do in the Bedroom


Starting the day by reading your work email on your smartphone is a guaranteed way to make your day a little worse than it was going to be, and having your laptop open to go through spreadsheets, word docs or whatever other jollities you get up to at work should not be done in or on your bed, no matter how comfy and enticing.


  1. Reading your emails first thing gives you no time to wake up and adjust to being conscious again for another day of grinding. You may feel like you’re getting the easy stuff out of the way and being productive, but they are often superfluous to the important tasks you have to get done.
  2. Doing anything work based in the bedroom conditions your brain to understand that the bedroom is a place of work. That sounds like an obvious statement, but think of the consequences of this. If your brain associates that place with work, it will learn to be sparky and active while you’re there. This is a long process, but if you make a habit of it, you’ll notice when it gets harder to relax at bed time.


Why do people still do this?

I know why: because it’s closer to the drawers you put the clothes in. So, using that logic, you may as well put the washing machine in the bedroom too to save the journey from room to room, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t wear your clothes outside of the bedroom in case you get too far from the washing machine. That’s right, spend the whole day starkers so you don’t lose valuable productivity time during the day.

Sound ridiculous? Yes? Good. Ironing is a chore that should be done in the front room by the TV, in the study while listening to the radio. Anywhere really, just not next to your bed, for the same reasons you shouldn’t work there – it’s still a chore.



Despite the popular phrase, you probably should kick someone out of bed for eating crackers. Eating horizontally isn’t great for the digestive system. It’s also messy and, like the rest, it conditions your brain to do something else other than sleep in your bed.

That being said, bacon sandwiches are immune to any such bedroom rules, and should be welcomed into the bedroom with open mouths.



Sit ups, Press ups, burpees. That kind of exercise. While this seems like an obscure thing to be saying, people often work out in the bedroom as a way to stay away from the rest of the family.

This is probably the worst activity on the list. Anaerobic circuit training is definitely going to convince your brain that the bedroom is no longer a place to relax. Do it often enough and you even risk replacing the fresh lavender scent of your clean sheets to a sweaty locker-room aroma.



Reading is the most reasonable one on the list. At least you’re not looking at a back-lit screen and shining light into your tired eyes, but if you’re awake enough to read in bed, why are you in there?


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