How to Create Ideal Room Ambience for your Study


The study is a place for concentration, creativity and focus, but if the room is cluttered, dark and dreary, you may find it difficult to get the task in hand done.

We gave you some advice on creating the perfect ambience for your study in our recent infographic. In this article, we will look at some study’s doing it right.

Aid concentration with a window & natural light

Working near windows, bathed in natural light can aid concentration as we feel more alert. If you’re working in poor lighting conditions, your cortisol levels drop significantly, which can increase stress levels. Light is definitely your friend in the study.

minimalist-home-office-study-room by KUBE Architecture


The above study looks like a blissful place to work. Masses of natural light, a stunning view and a clear desk. I can picture Stephen King sitting here, writing his next thriller.

Below, we have a very sophisticated study complete with a desk area and a curved sofa for pondering your next great idea and giving your eyes a break from the screen. Again, with three windows, this would be an ideal place to work.

study-room-design-idea-with-corner-desk Decoist


Red and Blue for a creative you

It is believed that by having red ornaments, decorations or accessories, it helps you concentrate with work that involves close attention to detail. If you are in a more creative role, blue is the colour to enhance your creativity, so decorate your study with this colour in mind.

baobab-desk-2 MessagenoteSource:

pinkandtursemi Urban Girl

Above are some red (maybe slightly pink) and blue office accessories from Urban Girl to help you work from home.

Music to boost creativity

A moderate level (70dB) of ambient sound enhances performance on creative tasks. Why? The slight difficulty in information processing promotes abstract thinking. Next time you are struggling for ideas or inspiration, whack on the radio and let those creative juices flow.

Lady listening to music in a red room

See the Room Ambience infographic


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