Our Top 5 Most popular Home Improvements


It seems that wherever you are in the country we all care about our homes, what they look like and how we live in them.  A house purchase is the single largest investment that we will make in our life time and probably the most stressful.  So making the right choice at the start is very important.

When it comes to getting the most out of our homes through home improvements, we again seem to have similar ideas.  There is a difference between adding value to your home for your own enjoyment and carrying out work to add a financial benefit should you decide to move.

Once you have moved in and decided to make changes to your new home, will the changes increase the value of your initial investment? Will you recuperate the financial outlay at a later date?  Sometimes the outlay may not be recouped; more often than not you will be making the changes to improve the way you live in your home and your lifestyle, which can be invaluable.

Firstly, you have to consider what makes your home comfortable for you and your family.  What increases the pleasure for you living in your home?  It may be as small as installing new blinds to protect your privacy from the view of the neighbours or as grand as knocking walls down and adding to the size of your sitting room by adding a conservatory.

Extra space for when friends come round

An Anglian Conservatory can create additional living space.

Your project has to be affordable, so set the budget and try to stick to it, but allowing some contingency funding should you over run.  Any changes that you make should be practical and give you satisfaction, even if it is changing the windows to save money on your heating bills.

Where can you gain inspiration and find advice about what changes to make?

  • Take a look around your local neighbourhood; see what other people have done to their homes.
  • The estate agents will have an insight to local house prices.  There maybe financial ceilings for the price of your home, so make sure the changes you want to make are financially viable and not a waste of money.
  • Ask friends for their thoughts and ideas.

A change to my home?

I would like to make my lounge bigger by moving an external wall, but it has many implications.  The existing radiator and plumbing has to be moved, outside drainage needs to be re-aligned, existing windows have to be blocked up and a new roof and windows need to be added. That’s excluding all the internal fixings that will need to be carried out.

How I approached this potential change?

  • I started by contacting reputable builders in the area to ask for feedback on my ideas and a quotation for carrying out the work.
  • I asked the opinion of a local estate agent who knew the area and whether it would add value to my home.

After much thought and consideration and knowing my budget limit, I have decided not to rush in to making any decisions and will do a bit more planning for next year.

The initial thought with bigger projects is it is never as easy as it seems and sometimes it is not as financially viable as you first thought.  However, after reading a number of articles including this one from the Daily Mail, it seems that there are no bad home improvements that do not add to the value of your home, with a Kitchen make-over perhaps being the most valuable additions to any home.

Friends in your conservatory

An Anglian Conservatory window

I asked my colleagues what home improvements they are most likely to make to their homes in the next 12 months and the answers were:

1. Redecorate / Fit new carpets

2. New kitchen

3. New bathroom

4. New conservatory and re-design garden and patio

5. New windows

These ideas are a mixture of making the home better for their lifestyles, but also adding value to their homes for when they decide to move on.

There are hundreds of great reasons why we can make improvements to our homes, with our insatiable appetite to change and improve we never seem to reach the end of our to-do lists.  Most of which give us endless pleasure once the projects are complete;  from opening the smart new front door to sitting in the conservatory and admiring the view of the passing seasons.

What home improvement have you made or would you like to make?

We would like to hear about the most significant changes you have made to your homes and how they have improved your lifestyle, the value of your investment or both.



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