The IKEA PS 2014 Collection for Compact Urban Living has launched


IKEA have announced that a huge new addition to their PS (post Scriptum) range will be launched on April 1st. IKEA PS 2014 will be themed ‘on the move’ and focuses on the needs of a fast, compact urban-lifestyle.

IKEA expressed how much the range applies to this theme in their press release in mid March.

Pieces of the collection – which range from seating to dishes, lighting to plant stands, and tables to storage units – are designed for flexibility and movability in order to adapt to the evolving needs of urban dwellers looking to live more simply and do more in the space they have.

IKEA PS 2014 Highlights

There are 64 new products scheduled for launch in April, but as usual with large-line releases, there are a few highlights that are taking the limelight. Unfortunately, only US prices are available. We’ll put them anyway so you can calculate a horrendous exchange rate within the confines of your own financial ability.

Wall Shelf

The wall shelf is one of Keiji Ashizawa’s contributions to the collection. This multi-purpose unit can be used in corners or against flat walls for books, clothes, ornaments, or anything else you can fit on it really. $49.99


Corner Cabinet

Keiji’s second creation and another heavily-featured item. It is simply a cupboard that fits in a corner, presumably created due to the response data they received that a large amount of urban dwellers try to use every piece of usable space in their rooms. $99

corner-cupboardPendant Lamp

According to Shanghai designer, David Wahl, ‘The inspiration for the pendant lamp came from science fiction and video games. The main idea is that the customer can change the shape of the lamp shade and the light output by pulling the string.’ $69.99



PS Wardrobe

French designer Matali Crasset created this ‘code free’ wardrobe that can be customised by the consumer to fit the style and purpose of wherever it’s placed. Can someone please make a Tetris pattern on this. $179



Where you can find the new range

The whole IKEA PS 2014 Collection will be shown on the IKEA website from April 1st.

The information that decided the collection

The design elements and theme of ‘on the move’ was heavily influenced by a large survey that asked people about what they wanted from their urban interiors. Here is an infographic showing the most important results from there.

and the promo video…

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