How to use Statement Furniture Effectively in your Home


What is statement furniture – the chair made from tinfoil, the cocktail table made from an airplane engine or the elaborately carved gold-leafed dining room table? All the above. Whether the furniture is unique in material, over-exaggerated in design, bold in colour or over sized for the space, statement furniture is the piece, or pieces, that are cognitively used with your overall design aesthetic to show individuality. Certain pieces can even leave the viewer questioning their own everyday design ethos.

These look-at-me pieces of future can be found in any room where you would like to push the envelope from wonderful to wow. This design decision is not for those that wish to play it safe, but instead are for those who are more serious about taking risks with colour, texture and balance. If you have ever wondered how you could take your space to the next level and in what rooms, here are a couple of my favorite spaces that I like to shine the spotlight on, that should help you understand how to use statement furniture in your home.

Living Room


Even though your fireplace surround is built-in, it’s still considered furniture. Let your traditional fireplace take center stage by painting it a bold and striking, colour while using a super-high gloss sheen to reflect light. Traditional details such as corbels, onlays and intricate edge-details will take on a whole new look when slathered in a coat of unexpected colour.


This brilliant example is credited to Domaine.


Opt for an over-sized ottoman in front of the sofa in lieu of your everyday cocktail table. Round is always the best shape as most sofas are rectangular. Upholster the ottoman in an unanticipated fabric such as fur and you will shock the eye of your visitors.


The most popular types of accent furniture are the chairs in your living room. Don’t just go for cool fabric, go for a cool design instead. No matter what your individual design style may be there are pieces out there for everyone, from wing-back chairs that appear to be made from Lego to Lucite swing chairs that hang from the ceiling.


The Magis Proust chair was designed by Alessandro Mendini. They give great examples of statement furniture at



Instead of a standard wood vanity with a sink on top, retrofit an old wash basin found on the farm down the street. Get creative and turn just about any vessel that can hold water into a sink. Wall-mount the faucet and you have immediate ingenuity.

Dining Room

Dining Table

Ignore the wood dining table that everyone has and go for something irreverent in design and style. Options here are unlimited, from polished stainless steel tops and old tree trunks for bases to all glass versions, giving the optic illusion that the table isn’t even there at all.


Like this table? Thought so. Image credit: Cattelan Italia. Designed by Giorgio Cattelan


Why not forfeit a couple of side chairs and choose an upholstered bench for seating in your formal dining room. Use a metallic alligator pattern for visual interest while using some bullion fringe for the detailing. Now, that says cool.

Go ahead. Step outside the box and see what you can do to jazz up your own space with some fun and exciting statement furniture. Try putting a new twist on something old or buy something exceptional that is brand new and watch your statement pieces become your conversational pieces – that everyone loves!

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