How to increase small space living


With house and land prices still at a premium and mortgages still difficult to obtain, are we as a population now forced into choosing to opt for smaller, more compact homes?

According to a recent article in HousetoHome we in the UK have the smallest living spaces in Europe.   However, there are many advantages of living in a smaller home, not least the cleaning and decorating, but more importantly all the ongoing costs associated with running and maintaining a home.

An Anglian conservatory to give extra living space to your home

  Increasing the lounge space on your home with the addition of a Conservatory

The ability to save money when energy costs are still rising is a consideration that many of us will be taking.  But do we really want to compromise on the materials we use or the open plan living we crave for when socialising in our homes?  Perhaps thinking of how we can better utilise certain areas in our homes for more than one function is more important.

As we spend well over 90% of our home life inside, it is important that we feel comfortable in our homes.  Extra socialising space in our homes can be achieved with the conversion of a garage or the addition of a garden room or conservatory, which will be of great benefit to our health and well-being.

Adding a garden room, garage conversion or a conservatory to your property no matter how small or large your home is, can give you the additional living space that you need. And because a conservatory is classed as a ‘non-permanent structure’ it is not subject to the same level of planning control (or cost) as a brick built extension. The style of the room that you add can change the way in which you use and live in your home.  It can offer you extra dining, kitchen or lounge space for you and your family to use.

After looking at this remodelled home, it made me appreciate how cosy it must be and how it has fulfilled the family’s living needs within 540 square feet.

There are even smaller properties out there and this example goes perhaps a bit too far.  This sliver of a house is just four feet wide, and  built in Warsaw, Poland by the architect Jakub Szczesny.  Although very small, but perfectly formed, it is deemed by Polish law not suitable for permanent residency and is to be used as a city crash pad for visiting artists for a maximum of seven days at a time.  For me it is far too small even for seven days and I am sure I would want to spend more time outside than inside.

Worlds Thinnest House

Whatever size your home may be, we are sure  it is perfectly formed, but could you be making more of the potential space you have available?




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