The Effects of Art on a Room – Part 3 – The finishing Touches


I hope you’ve been following our recent posts about using art in a home featuring art from Amelia Bowman. Here is the final instalment helping you sort the finishing touches and how many pieces of art you should be incorporating in your interior design.

One piece or more? Mix, match, compliment…

Inspaces - art in a home

Wall art is a very personal choice, and for me, I really like a striking centrepiece such as the one below by Samantha Barnes as a focal point, but also a mix of ‘collections’ on other walls. Whether they complement a theme, are totally opposite, or are totally random, cluster them in a way that is totally unique to you and how you want it to look.

Suffolk Poster Wells Next The Sea Poster

Polperro Poster

Creating a theme – subtle or obvious!

Well there’s a subtle introduction of a theme via wall art or a full on commitment that hits you right in the face when you enter the room. Take one of my all-time favourites – the coastal theme. Being a city girl, I regularly hanker after the bracing seas breeze and sand between my toes, but a picture of a stunning Cornish beach is the nearest I get!

Amelia’s artwork is a subtle way to bring the shore through your front door, landscapes of boats, birds, lighthouses, and rooftops, all brought up to date with a dash of funky patterns and fabulous colour combinations. Pick up the theme in a subtle introduction of blue, red, pink in stripes and spots with natural materials and textures and oodles of stunning wood.

How amazing would one of Amelia Bowman’s prints look in this stylish take on the coastal theme…

Nautical room

The frame is the finishing touch

Sometimes choosing a frame is almost as difficult as choosing a piece of wall art! Think about the style of the room, the importance of the art itself (is it the dominant centrepiece or one of many), the scale of the frame compared to the detailing of the art. Personally, I like a frame that complements the artwork inside it rather than detracts from it, but it’s all about you, so if you want the frame to share the limelight then go for it!

For me, this fabulous print from Amelia would be supported and not overwhelmed by a thin, light wood frame that complements the tones of the boat masts in the picture and also keeps the coastal inspired theme consistent. However, if you want to funky it up, then a chunky cerise pink frame would pick up the floral design and look truly amazing!

Boats at Rest Fruit Salad by Amelia Bowman

People, the choice of wall art available to you is endless, use it to help your interior styling choices, make it personal to you and above all else, enjoy it!

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