Can you Afford to Renovate your Kitchen?


I’ll start by trying to identify why you’d take on the mammoth task of renovating your kitchen. It’s no small job, so let’s all assume that there’s a pretty big reason for doing so. There’s horrendous disrepair of your current culinary kit, the need to increase a home’s value, an improvisation of your new-home kitchen, or just because you’re decadent and want a change.

If it’s the latter on that list, I imagine you to speak in a haughty dialect close to that of the Queen. Perhaps not, but my knowledge of who renovates their kitchen is limited to the former options.

The one thing they all have in common, though, is the debate on whether you can truly afford to renovate it. This dilemma can take a long time to figure out.

As regularly as kitchen dilemmas appear in conversation amongst home-owning friends – infrequent would describe this best – there is a great variation in how people calculate this problem, and a refreshing amount who know how to get what they want at a lower price than is advertised. Here are some of those elements to help you think about your own situation.


It requires money to renovate your kitchen…

A revelatory point I think you’ll agree. Thanks to a few thousand years of us humans existing, it is no longer possible to get your kitchens done in exchange for giving the tradesmen a week’s worth of your crops and promising that you will follow him (or her, let’s not be sexist) into battle, like how deals worked in the 80s.

While we may not need cold hard cash for our deals any more, we at least need some warm, non-existent credit to get stuff done. This is why a great majority of homeowners choose to do their kitchen renovations at the point of buying a house, when they have a new mortgage, or when they remortgage their house – probably for the purpose of renovation.

How much does a kitchen cost?

The answer to this can be as ellusive and hard to find as your favourite shoes when you’re about to leave the house, but the generally-accepted figure is somewhere in the thousands. Depending on where you look, however, they can span from above £20,000 to as low as £4,000.

Shop around for a new kitchen

This may seem obvious to any seasoned renovator, but to a new homeowner it can stop you wasting thousands of unnecessary GBP by just saying no a few times.

Go to for more info on varying kitchen prices.


DIY and Private Contractors

Big stores such as B&Q will want to sell you their time as well as kitchen. Hiring the company you purchased the kitchen from is a good option sometimes, but it’s worth checking how good a deal you’re getting first. It could be cheaper to hire your own tradesmen to waive some of the costs. This is especially relevant when you buy a kitchen in separate parts rather than as a whole package.

When hiring tradesmen, make sure you set out a clear contract and state the price for the job before it is started. This will cover you against most hidden surprises towards the end.

DIY routes are obviously dependent on your own ability to conduct the work. This also covers calling in a mate who can do the work for you, but beware that any damage caused on the house through your own unqualified mishaps could end up costing you money, and may not be included in the house insurance.

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