The Anglian Difference…BBA Certificates and Unique Profiles

By on 7th February in Home Inspiration

The BBA or British Board of Agrément is the UK’s major authority offering approval of construction products, systems and installers.

Thanks to the quality of Anglians materials and the manufacturing method, the BBA has certified Anglian’s entire conservatory structure for the White Knight range; the only company to hold this certificate!

Tests carried out by the BBA indicates the conservatory has a minimum life span of 25 years, after being tested for is structural integrity, air permeability, water tightness and the effects of wind resistance and snow loads. At Anglian, we are proud to say we are the only company that has this prestigious certificate to give you peace of mind and reassurance you are in the best of hands when purchasing a quality product from Anglian.

This certificate stipulates how we are responsible for the whole build, from the conservatory base to solar roof, we will ensure you that you are receiving the best possible products, built by qualified installers and the finish of your Anglian Conservatory is beautiful. We are the only company which has all parts of this certificate, which comes in many sections.

The BBA has put all parts of an Anglian conservatory through vigorous tests, testing how strong and well insulated the base, windows and roof are as well as how structurally sound the design is. The roof is not just tested for how much weight it can take and the wind resistance, but also other effects such as racking or interaction from other components.

All doors and windows are security tested by the BBA, which Anglian passed with ease due to our multipoint locking system, which uses three still hook bolts to prevent the door from being levered out of the frame. It is not just the door that is securely sealed, the handle gives you added security too. The solid aluminium plating will give every burglar second thoughts, which is why Anglian use this design on their doors and windows, along with a Yale anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill lock. Just to really make you feel secure, each PVC-U wall frame is multi-chambered and strengthened with a zinc galvanised steel reinforcement.

Other BBA tests include ease of operation, mainitenance and durability, all of which Anglian ensure are easy to do, along with quality control tests on the PVC-u compound, extruded PVC-U profiles, the fabrication of the wall frames and roof system.

Safe, secure, stable Anglian Conservatory

It is not just the product itself that the BBA have tested, but also the delivery and site handling is included in the certificate ensuring the safety of you and the installers too. They have approved the whole installation procedure ensuring that it’s completed correctly, without errors, making the final product not just look amazing, but ensure it’s 100 safe and secure.

However, it is not just the BBA certificates which makes Anglian stand out in a crowd. At Anglian, we have BSEN 12608 accredited PVC-U profiles, this means the materials used are the highest quality, meaning the colour will not fade, they can resist impact and are even strong in the corners. All of these are made at Anglian, by Anglian, we have pride in our product because we make our product, from start to finish, no alternatives, no compromise.

If someone else can truthfully promise the same, we’ll eat our hats.

Anglian Home Improvements striving to produce the best home improvement products in the UK. For more information on an Anglian Conservatory click here.