How to design a sophisticated bedroom for the modern couple

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We recently shared some incredible beds for children, but what about us adults? The mums and dads, the hard working couples who want a room to escape the mayhem and have a luxurious bedroom to unwind and have some well earned rest.

I set out to find what the best interior designers would do to create their ideal room, to inspire you to achieve the perfect retreat for you and your loved one.

Stockton's logo

First, I spoke to Stocktons a family run business which started trading back in 1949 selling high quality furniture to hotels. Even now it is still run by Breck Stockton, son of founder Reg Stockton, as it works hard to retain tradition at its roots. Lauren from Stocktons in Liverpool kindly described to me what they focus on when designing a bedroom.

Baa baa bed by Stockotons

“A good bedroom design is about focusing on the overall effect of different materials and colours, rather than becoming obsessed by individual elements.

Bedrooms are not just about what the eye sees, they are also how the room feels. Before you tackle how the room will look, take time to consider how you want it to feel.

Forget fabric swatches and paint samples until you are decided on the mood and atmosphere the space is intended to create.

Symmetry and balance are also incredibly important as are scale and proportion.”

Regal room by Stocktons

At Home Interiors

At Home Interiors are an interior design consultants based in Norfolk. I spoke to their director, Nick Lee, who recommends you start by getting a good bed;

“The first tip, and it’s more practical than anything else, is to spend as much as you can on the bed! Get a good mattress too. It needs support you, whether it is a sprung bed base or a French style sleigh bed, which might have slat supports under the mattress that are curved like whalebones. These are the most important decisions to make. Once you have chosen your bed and mattress, the next thing to consider is the space you have left for bedside tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers or chaise/bedroom seating and lighting.

Lighting is key to any room interior to create mood, ambience and atmosphere. In a bedroom you need at least three types of light. Ceiling lighting, be it recessed led spots or chandelier/pendant, are good for all round illumination. The second type of lighting is bedside table lamps for atmosphere and subtle lighting. Finally reading lamps either side of the bed for night time reading are worth considering if you like to read in bed.

Getting these three things right from the start will get the basic principles for a good room design in place leaving the personal style down to you to bring the final look together.”

BroadwalkPlace by Athome Interiors

A Passion for Homes

Jo Ridout, a director from A Passion for Homes who loves all things home, colourfully describes her ideal bedroom;

Jo Ridout on Anglian stand

“The ideal bedroom has to be relaxing, yet glamorous, with metallic gold wallpaper mixed with cool and calm blue on the walls, accented by warm salmon pinks, and of course, purple (have to have purple in every room!).

The bed is the star of the show, with many cushions of a variety of tactile materials including velvet, satin and silk and a sumptuous bed throw.

The furniture is plain off white to blend into the background, but with gorgeous light reflecting crystal handles. On the wall opposite the window is a very large and ornate mirror. A girlie dressing table is a must, with an antique pink glass dressing table set on display to mix the old with the new. The flooring is thick cream carpet and the ceiling lighting is, of course, over the top crystal chandeliers. The mood lighting is created by purple bulbs in the crystal bedside table lamps.”

Kylie Minogue Noralla Bed Linen

My opinion

I may not be an expert interior designer, however, working in the home improvement industry means I see a lot of different makeovers and designs, so here’s my 10 cents.

I like a dark room, lit by lamps for a calm, relaxing room. I would go with a navy blue feature wall with all other walls white. I’d contrast and brighten the room with mahogany or white furniture, then finish with a few white ornaments, lampshades and pictures.

If you’re like me and enjoy a bit of a lay in, black out curtains are a must have for me, but if you like to rise with the sun, thin, white linen curtains would look lush in this room.

Navy room with blackout curtains

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