Tweeting tunes – our birds spring into action!

By on 10th May in Garden

What a difference a bit of sun makes! Finally spring has sprung, which means you can ditch the layers of clothes and enjoy country walks and strolls in the park without feeling cold. Leaves are back on trees, daffodils and blue bells have made an appearance and that means the birds and bees are out in force.

Even if walks aren’t your thing, it’s still nice to be able to look out into your garden from your window or conservatory and see a bit more wildlife at work. The dark winter months are a distant memory now that the sun has had time to turn everything much greener, brighter and busier.

It’s not just about seeing wildlife, though. If you turn your radio and TV off, or manage to get away from the hustle and bustle of town traffic, you can hear it too. There’s something comforting about hearing the birds sing that helps us relax.


It’s not just us at Anglian Home Improvements that are fascinated by bird songs. The BBC has recently begun broadcasting ‘Tweet of the Day’ on Radio 4. It’s a 90-second episode, presented by wildlife legend David Attenborough, which plays a different bird song every day. They then give you a story and some facts behind the bird and the song.

We think it’s a marvellous idea – anything that promotes wildlife and encourages people to help it flourish gets our vote. Sadly, as we revealed last month, our bird numbers are in decline – so hopefully Tweet of the Day will inspire more people to protect garden birds and reverse this worrying trend.

Ultimately, nothing beats getting out there for a lovely spring walk to watch birds in their natural habitat. Whether it’s Rutland Water in the midlands, Richmond Park in London or Whinlatter Forest Park in Cumbria – each is teaming with wildlife and bustling with birds.

There are plenty of bird watching hotspots across the country, where you can see them at work and hear their wonderful songs. For when you want to venture beyond your back garden, take a look at our Birds of Britain infographic and see which bird watching hot spot is closest to you.

Of course, you’re also bound to see them in your local park or nearby nature reserve. It’s a great activity for weekends and bank holidays and something the whole family can enjoy.

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