The outsiders view of the Hampton Court Flower Show

By on 22nd July in Garden

Happiness for me is the moment I walk through the gates of Hampton Court Palace Flower Show where I am greeted by the most amazing colours, designs, and scents of flowers.  If you are a keen gardener or just enjoy looking at nature and the world around you, you can’t help feeling as if you have stepped into the best ever sweetie shop.

Viewing the show as an outsider this year (I was not  lucky enough to go),  you can get equally caught up in the atmosphere from afar and seek out the new and exciting pictures from those bloggers and tweeters that visited the show and have happily shared their pictures and fed your imagination.

Hampton Court 2013

Whether it’s a picture of a butterfly, a humble bumble bee or the sight of a glass of champagne filled with chilled sparkling bubbles it means that the glorious British Summer garden events are with us, and it really is a great feeling.

Hampton Court 2013

This year my colleague Louie visited the show on the team’s behalf .  I eagerly awaited his next tweeted picture to show how exciting it was to be there.  With so many new things to see it really gives you that Christmas and birthday feeling for a week every Summer.

Waiting with great anticipation  for the TV show to begin, you then marvel at the camera angles and  sunshine rich coverage, which brings another dimension to feeding the desire for garden knowledge.

Here are a few of my favourites photographs which I hope you will enjoy too.

Hampton Court 2013

Beautiful blue flowers popping their heads up in the dappled shade

Hampton Court 2013

Hot reds against the cool greens of the grasses

Hampton Court 2013

The burnt oranges of the flowers against the water feature to cool the colours

Hampton Court 2013

Bright daisy heads looking up to the sun and contrasting against the hot pinks

 Hampton Court 2013

And just when you are feeling exhausted by the heat and all the walking, how about a lovely cool drink?

Hampton Court 2013

While you watch the sun go down over Hampton Court

All images taken by Louie Watts

Finding that special picture that someone else has taken fills you full of enthusiasm.  It strikes a cord with how you feel about Summer as it transports you to the show in an instant.

We would like to see photos that have inspired you to go home and try something new in your garden.  Why not send some?  Email them to [email protected]

I hope next year I will be able visit the show and feed my enthusiasm for this great event.

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