Pothole Gardener In Milan

By on 25th April in Garden

You may remember our guest blog last year from the inspirational Pothole Gardener, giving us some great hints and tips into making a miniature garden like his.

Well, he recently got in touch to tell me about his latest work in Milan, Italy, designing 14 gardens for Milan Design Week. This is a week where artists and designers create innovative new pieces of furniture, home accessories, cook ware, window designs and interior design patterns, with the Pothole Gardener taking inspiration from the history and culture of Italy.

Garden in a bag, in a tree

He was commissioned by Lancia to create a series of installations for the opening of Milan Design Week, coming up with some truly brilliant gardens, including a fashion garden complete with heels, a music garden, a mini-art exhibition garden and a light bulb garden.

Although Pothole Gardener has created many gardens for high profile clients, he was nervous and unsure how well they would be received in Milan. However, he was delighted to see crowds of people stopping to take a look at his beautiful little gardens, his favourite being the music garden, which even had a small lamp, music books and a piano!

In the video below, people are interviewed discussing their thoughts of the miniature gardens. The response is phenomenal with everybody loving them, even the locals found them creative and beautiful, bringing something new to Milan. One local would have liked to relaxed and read a good book in one of the gardens, although he was a bit big for it.

Chilled out garden

I find their charm and vulnerability a key factor as to why I like them so much. Anybody could easily step on this creation, but everyone is so captivated by the little gardens they just want a picture and do their utmost to avoid damaging the small bit of green in what sometimes seems a never-ending pavement.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.

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