How Will Windows be Designed for our Space Homes?

By on 26th January in Featured, Garden, Home Technology

It is only a matter of time, one assumes, before humans begin to settle on other planets. NASA are making advancements all the time, Sir Richard Branson is keen to enable the everyday Joe to experience life beyond the sky, and, in timely fashion, architects are making preparations.

London-based architects Foster + Partners have met the anticipiated futuristic demand for space homes with innovative 3D-printed design solutions. The project, which is still in its early stages, is a collaboration with the European Space Agency and aims to look at the provision of homes on the Moon.

Windowless 3D-Printed Space Homes


The firm of architects, who were voted The Most Admired in World in a recent poll, are working to develop sustainable lunar living spaces which push the capabilities of the buildings Foster + Partners currently design which are made to deal with the most extreme earthly conditions. As you can see from these pictures above from Dezeen, the firm have taken the challenge seriously. However, because the structures need to cope with extreme climates, they are constructed in such a way to allow lunar soil to cover the domes there.

Windows, sadly, are not an option.

A view from the Red Planet


So, if we are unable to enjoy the dramatic landscapes of the Moon from our intergalactic homes, one would hope life on Mars would provide better views. Unfortunately, while the Mars Colonisation designed by ZA Architects does have windows, the living spaces are dug into the ground and the outside world can only be seen through the roof.

The living quarters (above) may not look like the most homely of spaces, but at least they will let in sunlight when it comes through the regular dust storms which occur on the red planet.


The subterranean accommodation would be surveyed and dug largely by robots¬†and ZA are hopeful that the first phase of the project, currently in the ‘concept’ phase, can begin within the decade.

So while it is exciting to think top architects are already thinking about the logistics of building homes on other planets. it is perhaps worth stopping to appreciate the windows we have here on earth and the fantastic views they provide. It’s probably best to make the most of windows while you still can.

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