Our #StyledByMe winners for 2018!

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The results of our 2018 #StyledByMe winners are in, and the news is out! After more than 600 entries poured in, our guest judge and celebrated interior designer Sophie Robinson had one heck of a job on her hands choosing the winners. But she pulled through (as we knew she would!), and picked one winner from each of Anglian’s four regions, plus a national winner. Needless to say, we’re pretty impressed with their eyes for style.

From shelfies to lounges, bathrooms and bedrooms, this lot of chic winners has it all. Read on to see what impressed Sophie about their entries, and what their next moves are in the interior design world!

North – Peter Grech (@atnumbereighteen_interiors)

Styled By Me winner - North

Sophie Robinson: “I totally love the image of this bathroom. I can put myself right there, relaxing in the bath looking at the wonderful view out of the window.

“Interior design is very much about creating a feeling and this has been smartly done in many ways. Positioning the roll top bath in line with the window creates that view, and the dark colour is tranquil and cosseting; I bet it feels amazing at night under the gorgeous twinkling chandelier. I also love the details too like the lace panels in frames. They look great against the dark wall.”

Sam Grech: “As an aspiring interior designer and stylist, it’s an absolute honour to have been chosen by Sophie Robinson – an idol of mine – as the regional winner in the North for Anglian’s Styled By Me competition. I’ve been renovating my home for just over a year and I’m really proud of the bathroom, which has undergone a massive transformation, so it’s amazing to hear that it is actually award winning! The framed crochet were made by my Maltese grandmother whom I wished to give tribute to.

“I will be using the prize money on some art as I am hoping to create an epic gallery wall in the staircase, showcasing this on my blog and Instagram @atnumbereighteen_interiors.”

London North and East Anglia – Tania James (@quirkandrescue)

Styled By Me winner - London North and East Anglia

Sophie Robinson: “This room was a winner for me as it has such a strong, uncompromising and original sense of style and colour that I really applaud.

“Tania has a very strong sense of bold and vivid colour, and she uses this with wild abandon throughout her home. It’s a strong look but she does it with style and verve, and it’s very coherent. There are so many great decorating and styling ideas throughout the room. It’s one happy and uplifting space!”

Tania James: “It’s amazing to have been selected by Sophie Robinson as regional winner for London North and East Anglia in Anglian’s Styled By Me competition. Our home is literally busting with colour, and I do have a thing for pink! The kaleidoscopic living room is very individual – from the painted floor to the purple fire surround – and it’s been a labour of love creating this space.

“I plan on using the prize money to make the kitchen as colourful as the living room. It’s the only room which hasn’t really been tackled yet!”

Midlands and South West – Sam Bramley (@eclectic_street)

Styled By Me winner - Midlands and South West

Sophie Robinson: “This is a personal favourite of mine, as it’s a masterclass in how to style up your open shelves.

“So often these areas become dumping grounds for paperback books, catalogues, toys and gadgets – and they can look cluttered and unsightly. It is very clever to paint the shelves in with the wall colour; the eye shifts onto the items you wish to display. There’s a beautiful story here of favourite mementoes, pictures, plants and books. I particularly love the way the books have been switched round so their colourful spines don’t interfere in the display.”

Sam Bramley: “I was thrilled when I found out I had been picked as the regional winner in the Midlands and South West for Anglian’s Styled By Me competition. Art and interiors are a huge part of my life; and I love sharing my home projects – and all things creative and inspirational.

“I will be using the prize money to update and redecorate the house. We are, at present, in the middle of completing an extension and we have so many bits still to finish, including needing a front door! The money will be put to good use to help us make those much-needed home improvements.”

South – Victoria Goane (@house_with_the_yellow_door)

Styled By Me winner - South

Sophie Robinson: “I love the colour palette and composition of this shot. The soft daylight fluttering through the window picks up the emerald green button back chair perfectly. The greens and blues are set off dramatically by the soft peony pinks and lavender throw. I also adore how the bed has been set inside the curved alcove. The dark paint colour really picks out the architecture of the room.”

Victoria Goane: “My home really is my passion – the property itself dates back to 1867 and it gives me so much inspiration. I get so much out of sharing photographs and updates on my home, both through Instagram and my blog “House With The Yellow Door”, so when the opportunity came along to enter Styled By Me, I jumped at the chance!

“I was so surprised to win, and I now plan on using the prize money to invest in myself and my future – and to get a qualification to help me achieve my professional goals.”

National winner – Soozi Danson (@soozidanson)

Styled By Me - National winner

Sophie Robinson: “Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and I was really impressed by the sophistication of this display area in Soozi’s home.

“Great interior design is always about the big room reveal and joy can be found in the way we curate and display the items we choose to have in our spaces. I love the strong colour story that helps all these disparate items pull together. Soozi has a wonderful interior design ethic and excellent stylist’s eye.”

Soozi Danson: “I was completely thrilled when I found out I had been picked as the national winner for Anglian’s Styled By Me competition. Interior design is such a huge part of my life; I love creating a strong statement with pattern and colour, and my home is a reflection of this. I’m really proud of the very individual interior scheme I’ve created and I enjoy sharing photographs of Insta-worthy corners of my home on social media and on my blog thepatternedpalace.co.uk.

“It was an absolute honour to be chosen over such strong competition by fellow colour-lover Sophie Robinson. I’m not sure how I’ll use the prize fund as yet, but we’ve still got several rooms in the house to complete so it certainly won’t be difficult to spend! I may use it to purchase a piece of vintage furniture – a classic mid-century piece perhaps – that I can keep forever to remind me of this moment in time!”

Want more from our Styled By Me winners or other similarly stylish interiors bloggers? Keep your eye on this space for future posts from design lovers around the web!

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