On The 17th Day of Christmas…

By on 17th December in Fun

Secret Santa, Whose got you?

If your office is like mine then Secret Santa is a fun, but slightly annoying part of the year, mainly due to the fact if you get someone you don’t know very well then it makes buying a gift almost impossible.

Without knowing their sense of humour, or what sort of soaps or smellies they may like, this part of your job is ten times harder than it should be.

However, it may be a lot simpler than we all thought. As there is still a little bit of time to order gifts online and get them delivered on time, why not try looking online as there are plenty of options out there.

Most websites are catergorized with all sorts of brilliant, fun, silly, and nice gifts for any sort of person. The amusing gifts range from mugs to bottle tops, but there is something for everyone on there, and all relatively cheap!

Last year, I received a strange note with my gift which I had to read before I opened the present up.

It read, “Let there be light! No more screwing in the dark for you.”

This bemused and worried me, I had no idea what to expect when I opened this gift! It all made sense when I did open it though, as there was a wind up torch and screwdriver.

I still don’t know who that was to this day, but whoever it was made a good job of making me blush when they were being given out! Many thanks to that person. 🙂

That moment again…Johns jolly joke!

Why don’t penguins fly?

Because they aren’t tall enough to be pilots!

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