Ipswich to Paris bike ride completed in the Summer heat

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Did you read our blog last week?  We are excited and very proud to announce that the 4YP – Suffolk Young People’s Health Project team made it to Paris!

The Anglian blog team would like to send our congratulations to James Wilson, Production Director at Anglian and the rest of the 4YP team who completed the charity ride from Ipswich to Paris last weekend.

4YP Charity ride from Ipswich - Paris July 2013

The team stand below the Eiffel Tower in Paris after completing the ride

The ride, instigated by Nicky Hunt, 2 time Commonwealth gold medallist in Archery and supported by a small group of riders including James Wilson from Anglian, and Neil Smith and Dave Horne from Bobby on a Bike, were helping to raise money for a charity called Suffolk Young People’s Health Project.

Nicky Hunt 2 time Commonwealth gold medallist in Archery  said “I didn’t realise how much work would be involved in organising, fund raising and training for a charity bike ride.   I couldn’t have done it without Neil Smith who gave up his time for countless coffee meetings.  His support and knowledge was invaluable. I can’t thank enough Neil, David Horne and Michael Peart enough for giving up a week of their holiday to help make it happen by being our support crew.

From a public campaign for riders, the group of 6 riders we amassed were awesome. The group consisted of Brad Warwick, James Wilson, Richard Mason, Phil Wyeth and Glen Croft.  Between us we’ve raised over £8000 for charity, we had an amazing week with plenty of stories, and I hope some new friends forever. It’s been a week I will not forget! Thank you.  And thank you to everyone who has donated to an amazing charity, 4YP”

Paris ride 0272

The team crossing one of the wide cross roads coming in to Paris

Paris ride 269

 Looking down one of the long roads in Paris

 Paris ride Arch DT

  Riding up the Champs Élysée and round the Arc de Triomphe. Whose idea was this again??
Images from James Wilson

 Paris map

We completed the ride with a loop of the Arc De Triomphe and cycled along the Champs Élysée.  That was fun!!

Image from Neil Smith

One of the memorable moments for Neil Smith, founder of the Bobby on a Bike, charity was of meeting another long haul bike rider.  “We were at the side of the road waiting for our cyclists, when along came a lad fully loaded on a hand painted bike. We offered him food and water and asked where he was going and he replied “Australia, via Scandinavia”! “Flippin heck!” we replied …

For James Wilson, his memorable moments were “cycling around the Arc de Triomphe, it was epic given that the Tour de France will be there later this week.  The weather was superb and the standard of French cuisine is a cut above the English (sadly).  Northern France was a lot hillier than you might expect and the French drivers were much more courteous to cyclists than the Brits are.  Over £8,000 has been raised so far for the charity – which is very good considering only 6 riders took part”

James Wilson - Paris

James Wilson and his trusty bike standing below the Eiffel Tower in Paris

If you would like to make a donation towards the cause,  please go to James’s  sponsorship page.

Once again, well done everyone on your achievement!

Keep your eyes on the blog for news of the next cycling challenge?

– See more at: http://www.anglianhome.co.uk/goodtobehome/charity-and-community/from-the-east-to-west-coast-of-britain-now-to-paris/#sthash.Vn7D3bL2.dpuf

If you feel like making a donation towards this cause, as many of you were so generous last year (and some already this year), go to my sponsorship page.

The Anglian blog team would like to say ‘Good luck’ to all the riders!  Keep an eye on the blog or the Anglian twitter feed to see how they’re getting on.

– See more at: http://www.anglianhome.co.uk/goodtobehome/charity-and-community/from-the-east-to-west-coast-of-britain-now-to-paris/#sthash.Vn7D3bL2.dpuf

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