Glass Inspiration: 12 of the most Unusual Wine Glasses you can Buy

By on 27th July in Fun

Whether you favour a wine glass that is stylish, sleek and sophisticated, or you prefer something with a little more pzazz, we’ve rounded up 12 of the most unusual creations you can buy to enjoy your favourite tipple from after a long day at the office…or you know…just a Thursday.

1. 7 Deadly Sins Inspired Glasses

7 Deadly Glasses

London-based designer Kacper Hamilton has created a series of 7 wine glasses all derived from each of the 7 deadly sins, with the fact that ‘Each glass provides a different experience for drinking wine with the result being the enjoyment of a sinful sensation in an exaggerated and unfamiliar fashion’, according to the artist himself.

2. Wine Glass Tank

Glass Tank

This exciting-looking device consists of a bulb-shaped container with the glass attached below. When the amount of wine in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass. The wine will never overflow in designer Kouichi Okamoto’s wine glass tank creation, because of the balance between air pressure and water pressure.

3. Reversible Glassware 

Reversible Glassware

Karim Rashid’s collection of reversible glassware called ‘Happy People‘ works so that each glass can be used for two functions. For example; a margarita glass soon becomes a shot glass when turned upside down.

4. Side-Stemmed Wine Glass

Side Stemmed Wine Glass

Designer Martin Jakobsen has changed the way in which many are enjoying their favourite wine by 180 degrees. The rEvolution range of glassware has the stems on the side of the glass, which actually makes for easier pouring, drinking and holding.

5. ‘Little Heart’ Wine Glass

Little Heart Wine Glass

Previously famous for his unusual decanters, French designer Etienne Meneau has now taken his talent to creating unique glasses. His ‘Little Heart’ glass is 7.9” and features four tubes which are all interconnected to the mouth, and is smaller than his similarly shaped decanter.

6. Musical Wine Glasses

Musical Wine Glasses

Each piece in this musical wine glass collection by the London design studio Nostalgics has been specifically designed to create music. Each glass features a gold lustre with musical notations which correspond to the levels of wine you have. Why not collect the whole set and make your own wine-inspired symphony?

7. Baccic Glassware

Baccic Glassware

Baccic is a series of mouth blown champagne, wine and martini glasses which blend elegant shapes with a bit of a cunning twist, as they have no stem which means that party-goers must finish their drink before setting them down. Designer Joe Doucet states that he ‘doesn’t believe in half measures’.

8. Recycled Shatterproof Glassware

Shatterproof Glassware

The Govino glass range was originally created as a trade tool to help professional salespeople showcase their wines whenever proper stemware wasn’t accessible. This soon grew as they identified a real gap in the market for glasses that couldn’t break, and they can also be reused and recycled afterwards, too.

9. Tipsy Wine Glasses

Tipsy Wine Glass

The makers of Tipsy ‘want [it] to become the testing tool of wine connoisseurs and wine lovers’. The glass’s unique angle allows you to see the color and texture of the wine without the distortion of the crystal. As you swirl the wine, the molecules explode as they hit the walls of the glass, releasing its unique aroma.

10. Self-Cooling Wine Glass

Self Cooling Wine Glass

Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses contain an inner cooling gel that keeps your favourite tipple at the appropriate temp for hours on end. Therefore they’d be the perfect accompaniment for outdoor drinking, like BBQs or summery picnics.

11. Aerating Wine Glass

Aerating Wine Glass

The Chevalier Collection features three styles of aerating glassware; ‘The Legacy’ for red wines, ‘The Modern’ for white wines and ‘The Casino’ for martinis. These glasses eliminate the need to use alternative steps or tools to enhance your wine experience, according to the designers.

12. Temperature Sensitive Wine Glass

Temperate Sensitive Wine Glass

The ‘Febbre di Vino‘ series of stemware from Ghigos Ideas ensures that drinkers can enjoy their beverage of choice at its optimal temperature. Embedded in the stem of the glass is a traditional thermometer.