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Energy-efficient doors

A key problem with old doors is their energy efficiency. In fact, in spite of whether or not your exterior doors are old, if they let a draught through or aren’t made from modern materials, they could be costing you money on your heating bills.

If you're looking to make your home greener and more energy efficient, read on to see how a brand new door can help.

What causes doors to be less energy efficient?

  • If they’re old and worn
  • If your door hasn’t been properly insulated
  • If they’re not properly fitted or sealed, which causes air to leak through

So, what should you look for if you want to make your new door more energy efficient?

Door energy ratings

Just like windows, doors also have an energy-efficiency rating. This is a great place to start when choosing a door that’ll help you save money on heating bills.

Companies such as the BRFC provide independent energy-efficiency ratings for windows and doors. You’ll most likely recognise the way the organisation ranks efficiency, as it uses a colourful rainbow image that appears on all sorts of products you’ll find in your home – formally, it’s known as a Door Set Energy Rating (DSER).

Ratings range from A++ to E. The ratings take the door itself into consideration, and not how it’s been fitted. This means that starting with an A++ rated door will put you in the best position for gaining maximum energy efficiency.

How much can I save with an energy-efficient door?

As an energy-efficient door can help your home retain heat, having one installed can have a positive effect on your heating bills. After all, having less heat escape your home means you won’t need to have the heating on as high in winter.

There are many different factors when it comes to deciding which front door to choose, but the most important is that it’s the right one for your home. Take a look at our guide on choosing a front door for more guidance.

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