#ProjectSpotlight: Veranda conservatory


The Cave family’s veranda conservatory in the southwest of London started as a labour of love. They wanted to add this new outdoor space because of their elderly dog, who often had to be let out in the middle of the night – which, as we all know, isn’t always an easy (or particularly dry) task in the rainy UK.

That’s where their new conservatory came in. Made with white uPVC and glass, it’s a garden room at heart, with French doors and floor-to-ceiling tilt and turn windows. But ultimately for the Caves, the veranda was the most important part – it provides shelter from the elements for late nights with the pup, and looks pretty modern, too.

Veranda conservatory before and after

Here’s what the Cave family had to say before their veranda conservatory installation:

Q: How long have you lived in your property?

A: We have lived in the property for 40 years.

Q: What was the reason for wanting to have a conservatory installed?

A: The main reason was because of our dog. She is elderly and often has to be let outside in the night. Originally, we were looking at getting a standalone veranda, so we didn’t get wet when we went outside, but we knew that we did eventually want a conservatory. It was great that Anglian was able to combine the two.

Veranda conservatory

Q: What was the most important thing for you when considering a conservatory installation?

A: It had to be a veranda – it was a must-have!

Q: Did you receive quotes from more than one company?

A: No, we came straight to Anglian, as theirs was the only design that we liked!

Veranda conservatory side

Q: What was it that made you choose Anglian?

A: The design of the Anglian conservatory veranda. We love that we could combine the conservatory and veranda, but also love the reverse garden room.

And here’s what they had to say after installation:

Q: Were you happy with the service received from Anglian?

A: The installers were marvelous; they worked so hard – right from base workers to the very end.

Tilt and turn windows

Q: What is your favourite feature of the conservatory and the reason for this?

A: The veranda has to be my favourite feature, however I do love how much light the conservatory lets into the rear of our property. I can sit in the middle of winter but feel like I’m in the Caribbean!

Q: What is the main benefit from having a conservatory installed?

A: The space – we have another large room that is light and has also made the house warmer.

Veranda conservatory roof

Q: Has your Anglian conservatory improved the appearance/saleability of your property?

A: I should imagine so – we have no intention of moving so have not had the house valued, but it can only have improved the property.

Q: Would you recommend Anglian?

A: Yes, I would!

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