#ProjectSpotlight: Golden oak windows and doors


Matching a home’s exterior with its interior is easier said than done, and this is especially true if your home is a hodge podge of styles, colours and materials. The Clement family home is a mixture of a brick and dusty cobble exterior, with a country cottage interior equipped with light oak accents. To tie their home together, they opted to highlight the wooden accents, choosing golden oak windows and doors from Anglian.

The new windows, front and back doors not only work to create a little continuity throughout the house, but across each other as well. Each of the windows are made from energy-efficient uPVC with a golden oak finish, while the front door comes from our composite range.

Altogether, the golden oak features create a gorgeous country cottage look whose different style elements flow together seamlessly. Because that’s the beauty of a whole house improvement like the Clement household; every detail is taken care of and made to match. And it couldn’t look lovelier.

Here’s what Mrs. Clement had to say about her new golden oak windows and doors from Anglian:

#ProjectSpotlight: Golden oak before and after

“We were very satisfied with the way in which the work was carried out. The whole process was done efficiently and with respect for our property. They completed the job with minimal disruption and left our house tidy. 

Golden oak exterior window and door

“Since then we have been happy with both the appearance and effectiveness of the product. Visitors have been complementary about the look of the windows and doors, and we have been more than happy to tell them about your company and our experience.”

Golden oak interior door

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