#ProjectSpotlight: From standard conservatory to veranda


A conservatory is a gorgeous feature on any home, but what happens when this extra living space just isn’t meeting the mark anymore? Instead of accepting the small conservatory they inherited with their new home, the Cutter family decided to improve it with an epic expansion in the form of a modern conservatory veranda. And after using Anglian in the past, they knew exactly who to go to for their upgrade.

The Cutters’ conservatory veranda takes the concept of bringing the outdoors in to a whole new level. They kitted out both the interior and exterior of their conservatory veranda with lounge furniture so they can effortlessly transition between winter and summer. When it comes to adding extra living space to their home, the Cutters went for gold and have a beautiful addition to show for it.

Here’s what Mr and Mrs Cutter had to say about their conservatory veranda:

#ProjectSpotlight conservatory veranda before and after

We have been living in our property for seven years and contacted Anglian Home Improvements about replacing the very small existing conservatory which was attached to the house when we moved in. We had an Anglian conservatory in a previous house which we were delighted with, so they were the first company we contacted about a replacement.

What we wanted was some additional living space away from the TV and a quiet area where we could enjoy the garden all year round. The conservatory veranda gives us all the space we need and more.

Conservatory veranda interior

We plan to use the space all year round, and because of its clever design it will be perfect for the summer (and summer showers). My wife even has a spot picked out for the Christmas tree for later in the year!

The build in total took about two and a half weeks and we were really impressed with the attention to detail. As repeat customers we would recommend Anglian Home Improvements because we don’t feel they can be bettered for conservatories.

We are delighted with our new conservatory veranda and look forward to summer days enjoying the garden.

Conservatory veranda exterior

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