#ProjectSpotlight: Elite sliding sash windows


Adding new windows and doors to your home is all about improving its look and feel – that’s kind of the point. But what happens when you’ve got a period home whose look is already pretty stunning, but could use a little fine-tuning around the edges? How do you upgrade without losing that original charm?

The Seaman family owns an Edwardian farmhouse, and when it came time to upgrade their sash windows, they faced this exact dilemma. That’s why they chose Anglian’s Elite sliding sash windows – not only are they some of the best windows for period homes as they help maintain the home’s character, but they keep it energy efficient with sleek uPVC, too. Plus, the Elite design makes them easy to clean and maintain, so they’ll stay looking new for years to come.

Elite sliding sash before and after

Here’s what Mrs. Seaman had to say about her new Elite sliding sash windows:

The original sash windows and front door of our Edwardian farmhouse were in a very poor state of repair and needed urgent replacement. This seemed a daunting task and we were obviously concerned not to lose the character of the property in the process.

Elite sliding sash windows exterior

We need not have worried. The removal and replacement of the 11 windows took just two days with minimum disruption and everything covered and protected.

Elite sliding sash windows exterior

The windows and door provide the security and heat retention of modern double-glazed units, with the appearance of the originals in virtually every detail including the three “lights” over the door. We are most satisfied.

Elite sliding sash window hardware

Have you upgraded your period home with newer products and managed to keep the charm? Let us know how you did it in the comments below!

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