#ProjectSpotlight: Anthracite Grey windows and doors


Windows and doors are just a minor part of a house – houses are kind of multi-faceted, after all – but they can make a big impact. Outdated windows or those that look out of place can completely distort the look of even the most gorgeous property, and the same goes for doors. They’re the first point of access into your home, and where people make their first impressions.

According to Mr. Dye, his home was badly in need of new windows, as the current ones were spoiling its overall look. To give his home a makeover, he opted for matching Anthracite Grey windows, a new composite front door and a back door that all work to tie together the property’s appearance. With just a few adjustments, his family’s home was instantly modernised, proving once and for all that when it comes to improving your home, it’s all in the details.

#ProjectSpotlight before and after

Here’s what Mr. Dye had to say about his new Anthracite Grey windows and doors:

Q: Please can you explain why you decided to have your windows and doors replaced?

A: We knew we wanted to replace the windows when we bought the house a few months previously. They were dated and spoiled the look of the house.

Q: What made you contact Anglian?

A: We saw a composite front door on Facebook that we liked.

#ProjectSpotlight kitchen interior

Q: Did you speak to any other companies, and if so, what made you decide to choose Anglian?

A: We did speak to another company, but decided to go with Anglian because of the quality.

Q: Can you tell me if or how the visit from the sales representative helped you in your decision and final choice of style, colour and material?

A: The sales rep. was very helpful, and had ideas for the back door [that] we wouldn’t have thought of.

#ProjectSpotlight front door interior

Q: What’s your opinion of the Anglian service and installation you’ve received? Did you have any particular concerns or requirements?

A: [We received] very good service. Just one small niggle, but admittedly we haven’t followed it up.

Q: What’s the best thing about your new installation, and what main differences have you noticed since having your installation?

A: Being summer, we haven’t yet noticed any savings on energy bills, etc., but for us, the main difference is how the whole look of the house has completely changed.

#ProjectSpotlight back door exterior

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