A new Anglian porch adds a stylish new entrance to your home with the extra benefit of creating a useful additional space.

Anglian porch in White Knight uPVC

A new Anglian porch is designed individually for your home. It's a great way to transform the entrance to your home and improve its security and energy efficiency. They're available in a range of roof styles and you can choose from uPVC, wood or aluminium window frames.

  • Individually designed to suit the space you have
  • A wide choice of roof styles, frame materials and glass
  • Double glazed units help reduce draughts and energy bills

Adding a front porch to your home will transform its appearance as well as provide useful extra space and reduce heat loss.

Our porch designs suit any style of home. We’ve six different roof styles - flat, pitched, gable end pitched, double hipped to wall, double hipped to ridge and single hipped - and you can choose your tiles, bricks, dwarf or full-height walls and any windows and doors from our full range.

You can even add your own finishing touches, such as door furniture and decorative glass, to give your porch the style statement you’re looking for.

Our wooden and uPVC porches are individually designed then built by our skilled craftspeople here in the UK using high grade materials and the latest technology. The windows are double glazed and the doors have multi-point locking systems for additional security.

Your Anglian designer will help you to create a porch that’ll fit your requirements perfectly, then we’ll carry out all the building work, from digging the foundations to adding power points and lighting. Most front porches don’t need planning permission but, if yours does, we’ll take care of that for you too!