#ProjectSpotlight: Colourful front and back doors


Front and back doors are a crucial part of our homes, so why do they often go overlooked or come second to other home improvements? Doors aren’t just important for home security, but for our homes’ overall appeal; as we’ve said before, our doors are one of the first things people will see when visiting our home, so they’re top of the list in terms of first impressions.

The doors on Ms Fryer’s Wroxham home were not only old and in poor condition, but could barely lock. When it was finally time to upgrade, she opted for Anglian’s composite range with a classic Grasmere door out front, then a half-paneled uPVC door with a custom white frame in back. Both came in a bright blue hue*, bringing a little pop of colour to her home’s brick exterior.

The proof is in the pictures – stylish doors make a big difference.

Here’s what Ms Fryer had to say about her new colourful front and back doors:

Interior front door before and after

“I decided to replace both my back and front door after moving into my property in July because the back door was in such poor condition and I couldn’t unlock it, and the front porch door didn’t lock at all.

Back exterior before and after

“Following a seamless installation from start to finish, the difference it has made to me is immense. I can now access the rear of my property and it has provided the security I needed.

Interior back door before and after

“I now can’t wait for another installation from a company I now highly recommend!”

As far as door selections go, these are only the beginning. To try out one of Anglian’s doors on a house style of your choice, check out our Visualiser tool.

*The official door colour is sage green

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