#ProjectSpotlight: Holiday cottage windows and door


Just because we spend a limited time in our holiday homes doesn’t mean they deserve any less attention than our full-time places. They’re a luxury, sure, but if anything, they deserve more attention because they’re such a luxury. If you’re going to spend the time, money and effort on acquiring a holiday home, you’ll want to make sure it’s a place you’ll love spending time in.

For the Nortons, improving their holiday home was all about ensuring it shared the same draught-proofing as their full-time property. That meant upgrading their windows to energy-efficient double glazing, and their front door to the chic Winchester style from Anglian’s composite range. There’s no denying their holiday cottage was beautiful before, but the upgrades bring the Nortons’ property to a whole new level of eye-catching. If it suddenly became their full-time place, we wouldn’t blame them.

#ProjectSpotlight before and after exterior

Here’s what Mr. and Mrs. Norton had to say about their new holiday cottage windows and door:

Q: Please can you explain why you decided to have your windows and front door replaced?

A: After buying the property, we found that “double glazed” does not mean daught proof! As we have excellent double glazing at home, we wanted the same for our holiday cottage.

Q: What made you contact Anglian?

A: Surfing the web, one website contacted us and sent Anglian. We did not contact Anglian ourselves.

#ProjectSpotlight before and after door interior

Q: Did you speak to any other companies, and if so, what made you decide to choose Anglian?

A: We considered other companies, but contacted only one after. The sales rep was very polite, approachable, with enough information about the product without boring us stupid! The windows looked good, and we were assured of a good after-sales service. The price was satisfactory.

Q: Can you tell me if or how the visit from the sales rep helped you in your decision and final choice of style, colour and material?

A: We had a good idea of what we wanted. The rep suggested cottage style, with one bar as opposed to crucifix on the windows. He suggested clear glass in [the] porch, which we considered, but then decided on opaque for privacy. We knew what colour we wanted for [the] doors and sills.

#ProjectSpotlight before and after kitchen interior

Q: What’s your opinion of the Anglian service and installation you’ve received? Did you have any particular concerns or requirements?

A: We had existing shutter blinds which had to be removed from the old windows, and replaced to match the new window frames. The men who installed our windows and replaced the blinds did an excellent job.

Q: What’s the best thing about your new installation, and what main differences have you noticed since having your installation?

A: 1) The cottage is much warmer – [it has] an ambient heat, 2) We do not hear traffic – [there’s] a lot of farm machinery – as we did previously, 3) [There is] a great reduction in dust and insects from the road and fields.

#ProjectSpotlight front door

Have you made home improvements to your holiday home? What were your priorities? Let us know in the comments below!

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