#ProjectSpotlight: Anthracite Grey windows and grey doors


Home improvement trends come and go, but if there’s one thing we can say is a sure bet, it’s that Anthracite Grey is here to stay. It might be a relatively new addition to the home improvement block, but it offers a little something that classic white, black and woodgrain features don’t necessarily have. It screams modern, offering a sleekness that undoubtedly sets it aside from the rest of the tried-and-tested colour schemes.

When the Crowther family wanted to replace their old and rotting windows and doors, they went in the ultra-stylish direction of Anthracite Grey. They opted for Anthracite Grey casement windows and French doors, as well as a composite door in our Barcelona style with a Smart handle. It’s the ultimate modern package. And if we’ve placed our bets correctly, it’s going to stay that way for many years to come.

#ProjectSpotlight: Anthracite Grey windows and doors

Here’s what Mrs. Crowther had to say about her new Anthracite Grey windows and doors:

Q: Please can you explain why you decided to have your windows and doors replaced?

A: Our windows were rotting and letting in draughts and condensation.

Q: What made you contact Anglian?

A: We looked online.

Q: Did you speak to any other companies, and if so, what made you decide to choose Anglian?

A: No.

Anthracite Grey casement window

Q: Can you tell me if or how the visit from the sales rep helped you in your decision and final choice of style, colour and material?

A: The sales rep was very nice and helpful, and showed us the quality of your products.

Q: What’s your opinion of the Anglian service and installation you’ve received? Did you have any particular concerns or requirements?

A: The service and installation went very well. I’m pleased with it all.

Q: What’s the BEST thing about your new installation and what main differences have you noticed since having your installation?

A: Definitely warmer and sound reduction, and a great look.

Anthracite Grey French doors

What’re your thoughts on Anthracite Grey? Would you ever swap to it from a more traditional look? Tweet us your responses @AnglianHome.