#ProjectSpotlight: All over Anthracite Grey


How do you give your home a facelift short of completely remodeling the exterior? Just ask the Rolfe family in Norwich. With new windows and patio, French and front doors, all in a sleek Anthracite Grey, the Rolfe’s cream-coloured home got a seriously modern upgrade with approximately zero walls knocked down.

Their home’s transformation started with a brand new front door. It’s an ultra-modern composite door in the Naples style with a long bar handle and clear glass panels that gives their entryway a supremely smart look. Matching Anthracite Grey windows and doors around the back came next to help maintain continuity throughout the house’s exterior.

When everything was said and done, the Rolfes were left with a home that’s all over fresh and all over beautiful.

Naples door before and after interior

Here’s what Mr and Mrs Rolfe had to say about their new Anglian windows and doors:

Q: Please can you explain why you decided to have your windows and front door replaced?

A: We wanted to update our window frames, which were made of wood, and to eliminate drafts from poor quality frames.

Q: What made you contact Anglian?

A: Anglian was one of three companies we contacted.

Q: Did you speak to any other companies, and if so what made you decide to choose Anglian?

A: Yes, two others. Ultimately we choose Anglian because of price and product, but also their reputation.

Anthracite Grey patio doors

Q: Can you tell me if or how the visit from the sales rep helped you in your decision and final choice of style, colour and material?

A: Yes, definitely. We discussed with him style and possible options.

Q: What’s your opinion of the Anglian service and installation you’ve received? Did you have any particular concerns or requirements?

A: Very good, and no concerns.

Q: What’s the BEST thing about your new installation and what main differences have you noticed since having your installation? I.e., energy bills, is your home warmer, has the sound been reduced, etc.

A: Firstly it has transformed the house, and it definitely feels warmer.

Interior patio doors before and after

There’s nothing like new doors and windows to bring your home up to speed. Check out our Visualiser tool to see how our Anthracite Grey windows and doors might look on a home of your style. Let us know what you think!