Evolution of the Home – Future Technology and Home Automation

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You may have seen Anglian’s recent survey about how our homes have evolved over the last 50 years and the most revolutionary improvements during this time. Well, the final part of the research looked at what we were expecting to happen in the next 50 years, so we thought we’d investigate which future technology already exists.

50% want Smart Homes, Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence

50% of UK homeowners want smarter homes.


Half of those surveyed wanted smarter homes and artificial intelligence in their future home, but how much of this already exists. Well, I am sure you will have heard about the intelligent thermostats on the market today such as the Nest or the Apple HomeKit – if you haven’t heard, they continually learn your routine, getting the temperature of the house to the temperature you most prefer. They can also change the temperature of individual rooms!

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Voice control is already used in our mobile phones and games consoles and this is spreading to more devices within our household. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One currently sync up with you, knowing when you’ve entered the room and allowing you to control your TV/Console through voice controls.

These are just some of the basics that are around today, but lighting, ovens, fridges, showers and even toilets are all getting a technical makeover as you’ll see…

11% of People want to be able to Use Smart Phone to Control Everything in their Home



We have already mentioned the smart thermostats being controlled by your phone, but there are already plenty more appliances around our homes that we can control with smartphones. Here’s just a few to give you an idea at how smart our homes already can be.

  • You can now set your coffee to be made or the kettle to be boiled for when you wake up.
  • You can load your washing machine or dr11% UK homewoners want their smartphones to control everything in their homes. yer and turn it on or off via your mobile phone.
  • Fridges – they can tell you what’s inside and in the future they will be able to recommend recipes and maybe even help you diet!
  • Sound systems and televisions will soon no longer need a remote to turn the volume up or down, change the channel or even surf the net.
  • There’s a toilet in Japan that allows you to adjust the height, flush the toilet and even use a bidet function.

6.4% Think Home Automation & 6.1% Think Robots will be the Most Significant Change in the next 50 years


over 50 years, the UK thinks robots and home automation will be the most significant social change.

There’s not a massive amount of robots operating in our homes right now, they are definitely future technology, but there are a few available now.

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This vacuum (the Roomba) goes around your house sucking up dust and dirt, understanding where walls are and returning to its dock to charge when its battery is low. You can upgrade Roomba to Scooba who will hoover and clean your floors!

Cleaning guttering is another chore that nobody enjoys, so why not get yourself a Looj, the gutter cleaning robot!

Achieving the perfect lawn has never been easier. No, we’re not talking about our infographic on creating the perfect lawn, we’re talking about Robomow, the robot who will mow your lawn for you.

Home security is introducing robots into its itinerary. America has a variety of robots that will patrol your home, linking up to any device connected to the internet so you can access its camera and see what is happening in your home.

We have left the best robot until last. In Germany there’s a bar that has a robot bartender! You have to see it to believe it. The Germans have also created a robot that can make you dinner.

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Over the coming years, phone apps, robots and home automation systems will give you even greater and easier control over your home. Future technology is going to open up a whole new way of living!

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