What Are Roof Windows & Why You Should Use Them in Your Home

By on 14th October in Home Inspiration

A roof window is a term that has a few connotations associated with it, some of which aren’t true, so we thought we’d clarify exactly what a roof window is and why they’re a great addition to your home.

Roof Windows Are Different to Skylights

Roof windows are a fantastic way to flood a room with natural light and fill your home with fresh air, allowing you to see the sky with an unimpeded view.

They are often confused with skylights and light tunnels, which work differently to a roof window. A roof window has the ability to open and close and is usually much larger than a skylight. A skylight doesn’t normally open or provide any kind of view, especially when compared to a roof window.

Roof window with glorious view

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A light tunnel is a tube that provides light to an area of a home that isn’t bathed in natural light. This is fitted in the roof and leads to the room, reflecting the light through it.

A roof window tends to be fitted into the original structure of a building, however, depending on the angle of the roof and sign-off from planning permission and building regulations, it can be built into existing structures.

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Rooms They Look Great In

The obvious placement for a roof window would be in a loft conversion, allowing natural light into an area of your home that doesn’t normally have windows in the walls. If you’re converting your loft into a bedroom, try to position the bed underneath the window so you can star-gaze as you fall asleep.

Solid roof conservatories and extensions are a very popular way to extend your living space, and the new contemporary roof designs with roof windows look fantastic. Offering the room even more natural light and fresh air, they make a room feel brighter and larger as the ceiling is higher.

Extension with roof windows

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