The Best Interior Design Themes for your Conservatory

By on 29th October in Home Inspiration

If you’re planning on investing in a conservatory for your home and want some decor ideas for how you can style it, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up a collection of 8 examples of different themes that we think work really well in this extra room in your house, so whether you’re yet to construct your conservatory or already have one but want to give the interior a face lift, there’s an idea for every taste and budget!

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Shabby chic

Shabby Chic Conservatory

Shabby chic interiors work really well in a variety of spaces as they’re so timeless and elegant. This makes it perfect in particular for conservatories or garden rooms as it really helps to incorporate that fresh, pretty and classy garden look. Opt for white furnishings and intricate decor items like vases and photo frames, and use flowers to make it especially feminine.


Monochrome Conservatory

A black and white theme can work really well in your conservatory if you want to keep it modern and minimal. We love the Scandinavian appeal of the example above, with the white painted wood and sleek furniture with clean lines. Keep clutter to a minimum to adhere to the fresh feel of the space.


Floral Conservatory

Another great way to mix the outdoors with the indoors in your conservatory is to use a floral theme. We love the use of statement yet gentle wallpaper here and thinks it works really well with the subtle furniture and warm colours. You could use flowers or plants from your garden to link the two together even more, too.

Earthy and natural

Earthy Conservatory

Use an earthy colour palette full of browns, creams, reds and greens to avoid your conservatory from feeling like just an ‘add-on’ to your home, and so that it feels like a homely space instead. This is a perfect choice for a winter conservatory too as it has a great element of warmth and cosiness that is ideal for those colder winter evenings.


Vintage Conservatory

Use key vintage pieces in your conservatory, like antique style furnishings such as the suitcase style coffee table in the above example to give the room depth and interest. We love the idea of using mismatched soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs to create a pretty yet mixed effect that oozes vintage charm.


Industrial Conservatory

Industrial conservatory design themes can work well as both modern and traditional decor, depending on the pieces you choose. The one above isn’t strictly a conservatory, but shows a great insight as to how it could look. It has a modern yet rustic appeal thanks to the stove, the heavy set chairs and the statement lighting. We love the way the designer here has managed to keep the room bright despite the dark furnishings with bright walls and a bright statement chair.

White and bright

White Conservatory

White on white interiors are everywhere at the moment, and if you’re not feeling quite that brave, you could go for something more along the lines of this example: white on a more neutral background of light grey. This has a really clean and calm feel that’s perfect for a conservatory that you will just want to relax in.


Tropical Conservatory

Or, if you want to inject your colourful personality into your conservatory, go for a tropical theme. Use bold prints against an earthy rattan base, along with heavy usage of plant life to keep things light, natural and airy. And there you have it…your own slice of tropical paradise!