Big Energy Saving Week – Switch

By on 28th October in Eco Living, Featured

How much energy have you saved so far this week as part of Big Energy Saving Week? You may have seen our first post this around BESW as we covered phase 1 – Check. Now you’ve checked your bills and had a look at how much you’re spending every year, it’s time to look at phase 2 – Switch.


Now is the time to get onto comparison websites such as uSwitch to find the better deals out there. Like with your home or car insurance, you should be shopping around annually for the best deals as there is plenty of money to be saved.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save £200 or more by switching! You can also visit to find websites that will help you switch energy provider.

uSwitch recently claimed you can save up to £228 a year by switching providers, up from £138 in May 2012. The last 12 months has also see 1.3 million of us moving from a large supplier to a smaller one helping squeeze the price of energy down from the Big 6.

High five, we're saving money!


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If you have never switched your gas or electric supplier, the savings could be massive! If you do one thing today, it should be searching for a new supplier to get yourself the best deal – your purse will thank you!

Tip of the Day

Take Control of the Thermostat – Most of the money you spend on energy bills goes towards your heating and hot water, so having a room thermostat programmer and thermostatic radiator valves will help. Energy Saving Trust claim you can save between £85 and £165 a year by installing these!

Take a look at our comparison of The Nest and Apple’s HomeKit – these are intelligent thermostats that learn your routines and can be controlled using your smart phone.

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