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How to Clean Aluminium Windows

Windows get dirty over time from dust, birds, and bugs. Cleaning them is important for them to work properly. But how do you clean aluminium windows without damaging them?

The cleaning methods may vary based on the age and finish of your windows. Aluminium frames with a powder coating are easier to clean than old, unpainted aluminium windows over 15-20 years old.

Below, we will outline the best cleaning options for both types of finish.

How to Clean Aluminium Windows with a Powder Coated Finish

Powder coating is a painting technique that creates a durable finish on aluminium windows. This finish doesn’t corrode, so it’s highly sought after. If your windows have a powder coated finish like our aluminium windows, cleaning them is easier than you might think. It’s recommended to clean your windows every three months to keep them looking their best.

Here’s a tip: Start cleaning from the top and work your way down to prevent spreading dirt.

All you need to clean aluminium is warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Microfiber cloths work well.

Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning agents, as they can damage the finish and void the warranty. If there are stubborn dirt or stains, it is better to use some elbow grease to remove them.

Make sure to clean hard-to-reach areas and parts that are hidden when the window is closed. Debris in these areas can cause drainage issues.

Once you’ve washed all parts of the window, dry it with a clean cloth. Your windows should be sparkling again.

How to Clean Unpainted Aluminium Windows

If you have older aluminium windows without a powder coated finish, they may be exposed to the elements and look worn out. Clean them well to check their condition. While cleaning, you can check for leaks, holes, or damage.

To start cleaning, use warm soapy water to remove surface dirt and grime. There are special aluminium cleaners available, but always test them on a small area first. Dry the aluminium using a cloth to make it shine. Over time, the window frame may become heavily water-marked. If this happens, you can polish it with fine steel wool and water.

If you see unfixable damage while cleaning the windows, think about replacing them with new aluminium windows. The powder coating makes them easier to clean, and it also allows you to upgrade to more efficient glazing and give your home a new look.

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