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How easy is it to keep a conservatory warm or cool?

When planning for a conservatory, many people tend to worry about maintaining a comfortable temperature in their home’s new addition. Here, we break down the common misconceptions surrounding conservatories in the summer and winter seasons, and how to make yours work for you.

Keeping cool in summer

If it’s a particularly hot day and your conservatory is in a sunny spot, some warming is inevitable. That said, you can still control how warm it gets. Ventilation is key, so you’ll want to make sure windows and doors—including internal doors—are open to help air flow freely.

Fitting your conservatory windows with blinds can also keep out the sun’s heat, but if you’d rather not make this addition, you can factor sun-filtering materials into the build of your conservatory.

With an Anglian conservatory, you can install a Solaroof that works to block out as much as 75% of the sun’s heat. This is ideal if your garden is a bit of a sun trap. The roof can also reduce the damage UV rays can cause, which is great news for your furniture, as it can help prevent fabrics from fading.

Keeping warm in winter

Instead of shutting out your conservatory for the winter, you can make a few small changes to its features to help keep it comfortable all year round.

Add a little heat with electric radiators to keep your conservatory feeling toasty throughout the chillier months. Insulating your conservatory is another option for keeping it warm. This can be done with the following additions:

  • Carpets or rugs
  • Floor tiles with a high PEI rating
  • Fitting blinds to both the windows and ceiling

As well as implementing the steps above, it’s worth keeping an eye on the maintenance of your conservatory to make sure there aren’t any leaks or air gaps that can affect its winter temperature.

Here at Anglian, we’re all about trust. We’re a Feefo Trusted Merchant and only use products made here in the UK by British craftspeople. If you’d like to benefit from having an extra room in your home, take a look at the many conservatory styles that Anglian provides today.

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