How to Clean uPVC Doors

Over time your door will naturally get a grimy covering of dirt, cobwebs and dead bugs, but fear not, we have some easy tricks for you to give your uPVC door a thorough clean and get into any hard to reach places!

To clean the glass and main panels in your uPVC or composite door, we recommend using warm, soapy water – simple, but effective.

Wash the door down with the warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Micro-fibre cloths are fantastic as they remove stubborn dirt and prevent scratching or damaging the door. 

Avoid using bleaches or any cleaning materials that could scratch the door such as a scouring pad – they will damage the finish of the door and this will void your warranty.

Products to avoid:
• Scouring pads
• Methylated spirits
• Bleach
• White spirit
• WD40
• Iron wool

To remove the dirt and debris build up between the door frame, especially along the bottom, if you don’t have a brush nozzle for your hoover, you can build your own one to get in all of the nooks and crannies. All you need is a toilet roll cardboard tube.

This fits over a lot of hoover nozzles, you just have to cut or bend it to a shape that will get into those hard to reach places. The image below is a good demonstration of this.

Image source

It is really important to hoover your sliding patio doors regularly in the channel where the doors slide – dirt and debris will affect how smoothly they operate.

If you continue to clean your doors in this way regularly, they will stay looking like-new for years to come.

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Make your own hoover attachment