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I have draughty windows – what should I do?

anthracite grey uPVC casement window

Draughty windows can be extremely frustrating as they affect the warmth and comfort of a room. If you notice a cold breeze coming through your windows it means there’s an issue with the seal. This could be between the frame and the wall or between the frame and the glass.

A properly sealed window retains the heat in your home, but if there’s a draught coming in, the warmth inside your home has an escape route. With heat escaping, money is being wasted trying to keep your home warm. Find out more about the energy efficiency of our double and triple glazing here.

If the draught is coming through a gap between the wall and frame, this will need to be filled. If it’s coming in between the pane of glass and the frame, the weatherseals may need replacing. If the windows are particularly old, it may be worth replacing them with new double or triple glazed windows for better all-round performance.

Once you’ve figured whether the draught is coming from between the wall and the frame or the glass and the frame, it’s time to call us here at Anglian. Our engineers are on hand to visit and find a resolution to your draughty windows.

If you would like further advice on why your windows might be draughty, please get in touch with us. At Anglian, our windows are made to measure for a perfect fit. If you feel your windows have been poorly fitted, it may be that your windows supplier did not comply with industry standards. At Anglian, every window meets or exceeds all industry standards, speak to a member of our team today.