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Why is there Condensation on my Doors?

Glass panels in exterior doors let light into your home. But it’s disappointing when they start to mist or show condensation. Our doors have double or triple glazed sealed units filled with argon gas to prevent this. But sometimes there can be a problem with the sealing that allows condensation to form.

Condensation between the panels

A seal fault or the age of the door panels may cause condensation.

If you see moisture inside the glass, contact the installation company. If that was us, then we can send an engineer to fix the fault.

But door panels that are older may also lose their seals. This problem can be easily prevented by replacing them. Or it might simply be time to invest in a new door.

Condensation on the outside of the panels

If this happens on the glass inside your home, it’s not related to the window seal. You can solve this by increasing ventilation. Make sure there is more air circulation in your home to prevent condensation.

Condensation can also form on the outside. This means the door is very energy-efficient so it is a good thing. Little heat transfers through the glass panes to the external pane.

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